Mongolian Aircraft Industries

At Mongolian Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd, we are driven by innovation, safety, and a strong sense of responsibility to the aviation community. With the Legend-570 assembly and the MRO facility as key milestones, we look forward to contributing to the advancement of general aviation in Mongolia and the broader Central Asian region.


At Mongolian Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd, we are resolutely committed to the development of a comprehensive general aviation ecosystem within Mongolia. Our mission extends beyond national borders as we aspire to export the LEGEND-570 aircraft to destinations worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to attain international recognition as a formidable aircraft manufacturing nation.

The Aircraft


The Legend-570 utility aircraft stands as a new statement to modern aviation engineering and versatility. Designed with a classic biplane configuration featuring a non-retractable landing gear and tail support, this aircraft has been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of a wide array of missions.


The Legend-570 is an aircraft known for its versatility and adaptability to a wide range of missions and environments. It is designed to be a robust and flexible aircraft suitable for various tasks, including cargo transport, passenger flights, aerial photography, geological exploration, patrolling, firefighting, and many more.


The Flight and Navigation Control System for the Legend-570A aircraft, designated as (FNCS570A), is specifically engineered to address intricate tasks related to the management of internal equipment within the aircraft's onboard radio-electronic systems. It encompasses the generation and dissemination of flight-navigation, altitude-speed, and satellite information to external users.