Autonomous Flight Navigation Control System for the Legend-570A Aircraft

The Flight and Navigation Control System for the Legend-570A aircraft, designated as (FNCS570A), is specifically engineered to address intricate tasks related to the management of internal equipment within the aircraft's onboard radio-electronic systems. It encompasses the generation and dissemination of flight-navigation, altitude-speed, and satellite information to external users.

The Legend-570A aircraft's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Conducting geological exploration in challenging weather conditions.
  • Patrolling high fire-risk areas during both day and night.
  • Delivering goods to regions lacking land transport networks.
  • Round-the-clock aerial photography.
  • Artificial cloud seeding for precipitation generation.
  • Search and rescue missions.

The FNCS570A system provides the following essential functionalities:

  • Independent takeoff and landing capabilities.
  • Precise aircraft navigation along predefined routes.
  • Calculation of roll angles, pitch, gyroscopic heading, magnetic heading, and ground angle.
  • Determination of aircraft location coordinates.
  • Computation of ground speed projections indicated speed values, and vertical speed measurements.
  • Comprehensive fuel balance protocol calculations.
  • Angular velocity vector calculation, drift angle determination, and linear acceleration analysis.
  • Reception, processing, and provision of outdoor air temperature data.
  • Reception, processing, and provision of static pressure values.
  • Power plant parameter analysis and implementation of emergency protocols.
  • Continuous self-monitoring and data transmission channel assessment throughout all stages of the aircraft’s flight.

The FNCS570A system comprises several critical components, including:

  • Course vertical module
  • Dynamic magnetic heading sensor
  • Forward-looking video camera
  • Network switch
  • Interface converter
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Control position sensor
  • Radio modem
  • Angular velocity sensor.
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS/Glonass satellite signal receiver
  • Module for receiving and processing airspeed information
  • Power conversion and stabilization module
  • Processor module for computing flight, navigation, and other aircraft parameters
  • Aircraft flight data indicator
  • Control panel
  • Power switching boards
  • Power boards
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