The Legend-570 is not just an aircraft; it’s a versatile workhorse tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries and services. Its multi-purpose design encompasses a range of missions, including:

Cargo Transport: With the capacity to carry various cargoes weighing up to 1,700 kg, the Legend-570 is an efficient and dependable cargo transporter, ensuring goods reach their destinations safely and on time.

Passenger Transport: The aircraft can comfortably accommodate nine passengers and two pilots, making it an ideal choice for regional travel and passenger services.

Search & Rescue: With the HADR surveillance kit features and a stable platform, the Legend-570 is exceptionally well-suited for Search & Rescue (SAR) missions and aerial surveys of landscapes from an elevated perspective.

Medical Evacuation: The Legend-570’s robust design and versatility render it an invaluable asset for medical evacuation (med-evac) missions, ensuring prompt access to remote and demanding terrains during critical operations.


STOL & Versatile Landing Gear Options

  • The Legend-570 requires 100 meters to take off, which is significantly shorter than many other planes. When it comes to landing, it requires only 80 meters, ensuring a safe and comfortable landing experience. This means that even on shorter runways, passengers can have peace of mind knowing that they are traveling on a reliable and trustworthy aircraft.
  • The aircraft offers a wide range of landing gear configurations, including wheel, ski, and amphibious options. This adaptability allows it to operate in diverse terrains, from rugged backcountry airstrips to water bodies, giving it an edge in versatility compared to competitors.

Exceptional Payload Capacity

  • With a maximum take-off weight of 5,700 kg, the Legend-570 is a workhorse capable of conquering various missions with ease. It can carry various cargoes weighing up to 1,700 kg or transport nine passengers and two pilots, surpassing some competitors in both cargo and passenger capabilities. Its robust construction and impressive payload capacity ensure that it can rise to the challenges of demanding operations while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Propeller Anti-Icing System & Weather Radar

  • The inclusion of a 5-blade Hartzell propeller paired with an anti-icing system is a distinctive feature that guarantees safe operation even in frigid and icy conditions. This system effectively minimizes the risk of ice accumulation on the propeller, significantly enhancing safety during both take-off and flight.
  • The built-in weather radar system is a valuable asset for pilots, providing real-time weather updates and enhancing safety by allowing the aircraft to avoid adverse weather conditions. This feature contributes to improved mission success and passenger comfort.

Advanced Glass Cockpit

  • The Legend-570’s state-of-the-art glass cockpit offers Garmin’s modern avionics and an intuitive interface for pilots. This advanced technology provides superior situational awareness, navigation capabilities, and real-time weather information, setting it apart from competitors with older cockpit designs.

Reduced DOC & DMC

  • Achieving the lowest hourly flight cost in its category, attributed to competitive aircraft pricing, extended range, and enhanced payload capacity.

Strong Structural Design

  • The Legend-570’s robust construction ensures durability and resilience in challenging environments. Its strong structural design allows it to withstand the stresses of various missions, making it a dependable choice for demanding tasks.
  • Customizable for Mission Needs: The Legend-570 is highly customizable to meet specific mission requirements. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and missions, from cargo transport to passenger transportation, HADR missions, patrolling, and medical evacuation.

Compliant with Modern Safety Standards

  • While retaining the unique safety features of the An-2, the Legend-570 adheres rigorously to stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring it meets the necessary criteria for airworthiness worldwide. This unwavering commitment to safety sets it apart as a dependable and secure choice for operators.

Lenght (m)13,8
Upper/ lower Wingspan (m)18,18/14,24
Wing Area (m2)72,4
Range (KM)2,100
Empty Weight (KG)3,200
Maximum Takeoff Weight (KG)5,700
Commercial Maximum Payload (KG)1,700
Maximum speed (KM/H)310
Passengers / Parachutist9 / 14*
Engine modelPT6A-67В Pratt & Whitney (Canada)
Propeller modelHC-B5MA-3D by Hartzel Propeller Inc.
Fuel gradeKerosene ТС-1, Т-1
Fuel consumption kg/h158
Engine power (h/p)1,200
Take-off/ landing run (m)100/80

2,100 km


1,700 kg

maximum payload

100 m

Take-off distance

80 m

Landing distance

310 km/h

Maximum speed

9 - 14*