About Us


At Mongolian Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd, we are resolutely committed to the development of a comprehensive general aviation ecosystem within Mongolia. Our mission extends beyond national borders as we aspire to export the LEGEND-570 aircraft to destinations worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to attain international recognition as a formidable aircraft manufacturing nation.

About Us

  • Mongolian Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd is dedicated to spearheading the growth of a robust general aviation infrastructure within Mongolia and the wider Central Asian region. Our vision begins with the assembly of the Legend-570 aircraft, a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Moreover, we are proud to announce the establishment of a state-of-the-art Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility, tailored to serve not only Mongolian operators but also cater to the needs of operators from across Central Asia.
  • Our endeavor is rooted in a deep understanding of the potential for aviation development in Mongolia and its surrounding nations. We believe in fostering partnerships, enhancing safety standards, and creating a dynamic ecosystem that supports the aviation industry’s growth. Our mission is to facilitate easier access to aviation services, promote regional connectivity, and bolster economic development through aviation-related activities.
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At Mongolian Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd, we are driven by innovation, safety, and a strong sense of responsibility to the aviation community. With the Legend-570 assembly and the MRO facility as key milestones, we look forward to contributing to the advancement of general aviation in Mongolia and the broader Central Asian region.

Our Vision

Mongolia is a land of vast expanses and untapped potential. It is our vision to harness this potential by creating a robust general aviation infrastructure that serves both our domestic needs and contributes to the global aviation community.

Exporting Excellence

The LEGEND-570, a hallmark of engineering excellence, is at the core of our global aspirations. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, this aircraft represents the pinnacle of Mongolian aviation. We are committed to sharing this achievement with the world, making the LEGEND-570 accessible to aviation enthusiasts and professionals across the globe.

Aircraft Manufacturing Nation

We are determined to carve our place on the global stage as an aircraft manufacturing nation. Through relentless innovation, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to quality, we aim to establish Mongolia as a recognised and respected hub for aircraft manufacturing.


Management team

CEO and Founder
Aurelia Skipwith Giacometto

Statement on MAI's Diverse and Passionate Management Team

  • The management team at MAI (Mongolian Aircraft Industries) is a dynamic and diverse team of professionals, each bringing a unique blend of experience and backgrounds to the company. What truly sets this team apart is not just their professional expertise, but also their passionate commitment to a common goal—reviving and revitalizing general aviation in Mongolia.


  • Comprised of members with varying degrees of experience in the aviation industry, from seasoned veterans to fresh innovators, MAI’s management team draws from a rich tapestry of skills and insights. This diversity fosters a culture of innovation, adaptability, and forward-thinking that is essential in the challenging landscape of the aviation industry.
  • But what truly distinguishes this management team is their passion—a shared love for aviation and a deep-seated commitment to each other’s success. This commitment extends beyond the professional realm, forging a connection that is both personal and professional. It is this unique blend of personal and professional unity that fuels their determination to overcome obstacles and drive forward the vision of a thriving general aviation sector in Mongolia.


  • In the face of challenges, this management team stands united, driven by their love for aviation and their dedication to making MAI a beacon of excellence in the Mongolian aviation industry. Together, they embody the spirit of teamwork, innovation, and unwavering passion that will undoubtedly lead to the successful revival of general aviation in Mongolia.